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"Almond kisses, almond kisses, best kiss you've ever had"

Hello Spacehog-ers

Welcome to Almond Kisses, the unofficial Spacehog dedicated site!

Spacehog is the one and only awesome band (with accents) from Leeds, England....if you don't know where that is LOOK IT UP.

So who's Spacehog? Well you have Royston Langdon on lead vocals and bass guitar, bro Antony (without an h) Langdon on vocals and guitar, Richard Steele on lead guitar) and Jonny Cragg on drums.

Here they are:

The boys have two records out, RESIDENT ALIEN and THE CHINESE ALBUM. Both of which I suggest you purchase!

Recently my friends and I saw Spacehog perform at Q101 Jamboree and at the Metro on their CHINESE ALBUM tour. Both shows rocked. Review on the way.

Here's another cute Spacehog picture. Enjoy!


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