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Thanks for stopping by!

I am taking a class focusing on "CHILDREN AND POP CULTURE" and as part of the class requirement everyone has to work on a project which the professor hopes to publish.

As I was brainstorming, I went back to my own childhood and remembered who amazed, mesmorized, and just addicted to tv I was. I remembered how I wouldn't miss a single episode of my favorite cartoon or tv show, and how involved I felt with it all. So, I figured, "hey I and the children of the 80s". As a child of the 80s myself I couldn't think of anything better.

This is where you come in. As part of the research I have to compile as much information as possible, interviews, comments and etc. So if you are a child of the 80s I would SOOOOO appreciate it if you could give me just a few of your precious minutes and cast a vote and fill out the questionnaire. It is really easy, just type and send, totally private and totally confidential.

So, if you remember the smurfs, popples, He-Man, She-Rah, Transformers, Happy Days, Little House on the Praire, Alf, Mork and Mindy, Batman (the original tv show), and all those other now "cancelled" shows...come relive some of those memories right here!

As for now I only have up the voting site as to get an idea of what shows were most popular. As soon as I have a nice number and maybe even before that, I will be posting a please come back soon and check for updates!!!!

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have any questions or would like to contact me
drop me an email and I will be sure to reply ASAP!!!