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"The people here on life's beaches they wish upon the waves that hide the sand, let them know that life teaches you to build a castle in the sand" - Oasis

Cheerio everybody!

Bloody hell you just landed on "Hello! Hello!" dedicated to the British lads Oasis!!!


So where they are, brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher (who constatly fight!), Paul McGuigan, Paul Arthurs (mr. bean), and Alan White. Here they are:

I'm sure you have all heard of the many problems between the Gallagher brothers huh! Well when my friends and I saw Oasis on their BE HERE NOW tour, we were shocked to find out that they aren't at all like the stereotyped rude British Beatles wannabes. They seemed to be real sweet despite their bad rep. Check the review out for full details.

Well the Oasis boys (who record they albums at the Abbey Road studio, which is the same one as the one where The Beatles recorded all their records) have release a plethora of singles with special b-sides and 3 major records.

First there was DEFINETLY MAYBE. Here's the cover:

Then there was WHAT'S THE STORY (Morning Glory). I saw them on tour for this one in London! what a show. Here's the cover:

And finally BE HERE NOW. Here it is:

Although Oasis' music definetly has a Beatles edge, if you listen close, it has it's special meaning and attraction.

Here's another picture of the lads.

More to come including the reviews from both shows!

All my people you right here right now, I'll see you again soon.


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