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The Metro
March 24, 1998

Kill Hannah, Bomb Pop, and 2 Skinnee J's Review

Just a few days before the show, the members of the Rock 'n' Roll Army received tickets to the Kill Hannah metro show and of course we just had to go. It was a few weeks after the closing of SSA's "Is There Life..." and after talking to Brian S. I knew he too would be at the show to see his friend's band BOMB POP. So we had another reason to go.

The night of the show arrived quickly and I must admit, I was excited. This was going to be the 2nd time I saw Kill Hannah perform. Awesome. Susan C., Susan H., Anne, Mai, Tony, Tony's friend, and I got there a little late but in time to see the whole Bomb set! As we stood there, one of us caught sight of Brian who we soon went to greet, he was totally cool!

Bomb Pop played and they sounded pretty rad. I guess Brian just has good taste. We were already having so much fun.

Next up was a band I had never even heard of, 2 Skinnee J's, but you know what it's like, New Music Tuesday, it's all good. So we waited for the band to set up and I noticed this really, really cute guy in a silver shirt that was hanging around the drums. Then the band came on stage and the cute boy was in fact the drummer. Awesome! The band was made up a bunch of guys which in itself was cool, they were a trippin' funk/alternative band from Brooklyn, New York, and one of the lead singers reminded us a lot of Anthony Rapp. The group was excellent and totally got the crowd going. A very lively, exciting, bouncy and danceable style, I for one loved it! And from what I could tell so did everyone else! They were totally great.

Then it was Kill Hannah's turn. So obviously we moved closer, like dead center first row close! Soon enough KH hit the stage, dressed funky. Matt was wearing lots of make-up and this cute school boy like outfit. They started off with a new song STUNT PILOTS, which I really liked. Then it was NERVE GAS, ELECTRIC EELS and HUMMINGBIRDS, followed by another new one GET FAMOUS. Next they played TRAINS, CHLOROFORM, LOVESICK, and their last song, of course, KILL HANNAH. We were happy! Yup Matthew and company were great.

When the show was over one of the guys threw out a piece of paper which Susan caught and then the same guy gave me Matthew's playlist, how cool. Then Susan C. opened the little paper adn voila' it was a backstage pass, how awesome. So now we had to try and get through. So we went downstairs to the backstage entrance. Susan went by and so did I but as everyone elese passed the security guard noticed that we didn't all have passes and so kicked us out! So Susan C. and I talked and I told her to get Matthew and tell him I was here. So she went off. We waited a while and finally Susan reappeared with Matthew who saw me and turned to one of the crew peoples hwo fought with the security guard and finally managed to get me in.

So Susan C. and I went backstage. It was packed. We sat on two couches that reclined, how sweet. We were groovy, however Matt wasn't around. But as we waited the cute drummer I had seen from the 2 Skinnee J's walked by. I looked up and said, "ahh, the almighty drummer!" To which he stopped, walked a little back , to where we were sitting and said, "Hey how's it going?" Alright we thought. Soon we had introduced each other and were totally talking about everything and anything. It was cool! So then Susan was totally stoked and as we talked some guy came in and said, "Is there a Letizia?" and I replied. He was delivering a message that my other friends were leaving, so susan had to go. Andy greeted here and then we continued to talk. He asked me who I had come to see and then he told me that he too enjoyed KH's set. Then I had to get going, so I asked him to sign my cd and he did. You see I had a KH cd because they were giving it out for free. So then we said goodbye and I was off. On my way out guess who I saw, Matthew of course! He was nice, stopped said hey and then after I told him that I had to go because I had class the next day, he said, "well, it was nice to see you, we'll talk later." Cool beans. So as we both walked away my awesome night was over!!!

The army is surely on a roll! :)