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For the Young Moderns

Welcome to "High in the Frequencies", a page dedicated to the one and only KILL HANNAH.

Kill Hannah is a local Chicago band, who is in my opinion the next big thing.... (think Smashing Pumpkins).

So who is Kill Hannah? Well there's Matthew (vocals and guitar), Kerry (guitar), James (drums), and Greg (bass).

Considered to be among the best unsigned bands, KH has played many shows including one at New York's CBGB, and one at Hollywood's Viper Room.

What more, KH has been featured on the LOCAL101 CD, a compilation of the best songs by local bands, produced by Chicago's Alternative Radio Station Q101.

The first time my friends and I saw Kill Hannah was on August 26, 1997. They were the main act for one rockin' concert at the Metro, with great opening acts: Blake Morgan and Bobgoblin. (You'll find links to the dedication pages for both those bands back at my main page).

Be sure to check KH out next time they hit your town!

Check back on this page for a review of Kill Hannah Chicago shows, words from some of the fans, and hopefully a note from Kerry or Matthew.

Sweet dreams.


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