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The Metro
June 9, 1998


A new music tuesday show is always good especially when it's free!! Also, when you are so bored that anything would just be much better than nothing at all, I find that a trip to The Metro with a friend or two is always enlightning. And so, Anne, who must have been as bored as me called me up and together we went to The Metro.

Today Joygirl, Starball, and Plume were playing. Like always I knew neither of the bands but that's all good!

So when we got there we chilled upstairs. Joygirl, a band made up of 3 girls was okay but nothing too exciting. They did have very cute clothes, but apart from that, they weren't much.

Then Starball was 2 girls dressed in raincoats and a guy on drums...they played some completely loud and abnoxious "music"...didn't like them at all! They looked aweful and one of the gilr's outfit was just so not right for all the various movements she did! I'm sure you get the picture.

Then the last band Plume was a bunch of guys fronted by this really lame girl. Again, sucky band, really bad and so lame. We ended up leaving early, yeah, like real early after their 2nd song. I mean the girl had 2 keyboards, one on each side, and all she would do was hit a note on one keyboards, shake her head, hit another note on the other keyboard, shake her head and look at the audience.

What a waste of time! Worst show ever!

Rock 'n' Roll Army moves on! :)