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ROCK 'N' ROLL ARMY'S REVIEW of the Levi's Fuse tour featuring:
THE GOO GOO DOLLS with Sugar Ray and Fastball
The New World Music Theatre
August 7th, 1999
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After buying the tickets to the concert two weeks before the show, we finally got to see where exactly we were sitting. And let me tell you, we were soooo far away...second pavilion, second to last row, stage left. Whoever was on stage was as big as my hand. But I guess it was just cool to be there. The New World was not sold out, but there were quite a few people who were brave enough to buy lawn tickets, poor them. Let's just say that they got soaked for grand part of the show.

When we got there it was about quarter to seven and we hung out with a few friends that we had met up with. We went to the t-shirt booth and man were the prices crazy or what?! Just think that the ticket was $20, plus a $5.25 ticketmaster "rip-off" charge, and a $2.75 automatic parking charge per that figures to be $28 per ticket. Which I guess isn't all that bad. Now get this...t-shirts...the cheapest was $28 and the most expensive was $35..totally nuts. So obviously none of us bought one...I mean what are we walking banks. If you were to buy a t-shirt, plus the tickets, plus of course a drink, it would be like $100 a pop per show...which is nuts.

But anyways, about the show. Fastball opened at 7pm. They played for only 30 minutes, and I'm sorry to say this but they bored the hell out of the crowd. I mean the New World has a really big stage and they did nothing, they just kinda stood there and played. It felt like we were watching them rehearse in a garage or something. Their new song is pretty nifty but apart from that they weren't a good opener/crowd getter. I was kinda disappointed 'cause I have seen them before and they have performed much better. They are probably a small venue band who don't feel too comfortable with "big-ish" crowds.

Next up was Sugar Ray. Mark the babe. They hit the stage at 7:45pm and were great from beginning to end. They have a lot of rhythm, and just an overall positive and enthusiastic ambianse to them. The band seems to be very in-sync, and I thought it was really neat the way they dressed the stage. It seemed like it was a little Caribbean resort spot on stage with palms, a little pool bar and all...very cute. Obviously they played all their hits. My favorite was "Someday", "Falls Apart", and "Every Morning". Actually every song was really fun. The reason for my preference of the slower, slightly more ballady songs if because Mark has a special little something in his voice. I don't know what to call's this really cute little voice thing that you can only identify when he is singing a slow song. Whatever it's such a turn As I said, they were great, fab, wonderful, and I loved them, and so did the crowd.

Now it was time for the one and only Goo Goo Dolls. They are really the main reason why I wanted to go to this show. They hit the stage at about 9:15ish and played till 10:45pm, which was great. They opened up with Dizzy, the first song on their new album obviously entiteled DIZZY. From the verty first song one knew that the Goo Goos were going to rock, and rock hard. They absolutely put on a great show. They played all the best songs including of course "Name" and "Naked". They also had a wonderful light show with the performance and that made it even more exciting. They ended their first set with the one and only "Iris", and then left the stage for a few minutes. Obviously many people at this time left...silly them. Now as for us, we figured we should probably sneak closer in the confusion. We obviously did, and managed to even get into the 1st pavilion. We ended up in row N from our original triple K. Now they seemed to be really really close. Soon the Goo Goo Dolls return to the stage for their last 30 minute set. They played some old hits and then finally closed the set with the last track on the cd and when that was over they smashed their guitars against a projecting screen as the lights went wild. A little bizarre ending but what a show. Definetly worth every penny in those $28 tickets.

The Goo Goo Dolls and Sugar Ray are both definetly bands that I would go see time and time again. Hopefully they keep the music coming and the performances hitting the city!!!! :)

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