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Alright so these are the boys! Don't they look cute in their uniforms! (sure do!)

So let me tell you a bit about them.

Bobgoblin is a rockin' band from Dallas, Texas. (the howdy state)

They are: Hop (lead vocals), Jason (guitar), Tony (bass), and Rob (drums).

And here they are:

Let me tell you Bobgoblin are some of the nicest guys in the world.

Bobgoblin has release two CDs as of now. The latest one is entitled "The 12 Point Master Plan" and includes a nifty ECD portion. Here's the cover.

The first time the Rock 'n' Roll Army met Bobgoblin was when they opened for Kill Hannah back in Aug. 26, 1997 at the Metro in Chicago. We got to talk with Jason while he set up on stage, and after the show Rob and Jason got the Army backstage, which was oh so very cool. We had a blast with the boys and got to hang out with Tony on the awesome Metro couch.

Well folks review, comments, and definetly a word from the boys on the way.


On September 1, 1998 Bobgoblin announced to their group of friends their unanimous break up. Here's the straight word from Hop.


The members of BOBGOBLIN have unexpectedly and officially left the Black Market party and the States of the Republic, and have returned to The Liberation Front States to rejoin The Motor Forces there. Leaders of the BMP have confirmed that the band has left, but will continue to perform a service for the BMP, helping the BMP's smuggling efforts from the outside via their Motor Forces posts. However, there will be no more appearances by BOBGOBLIN at BMP Parties, and BMP Leaders confirm that any new rock from the band will not be forthcoming. The 5 year reign of BOBGOBLIN, as the leaders of Black Market Party Revolution Rock, is over. One BMP leader added that, as the band bid farewell, they pondered the possibility that a single or two might be added in the future to the band's small collection of rock songs, but the group itself may never return.

And Now For The Reality -

BOBGOBLIN is no more. Not because of any legal concerns or problems with MCA. We just felt like doing something different. I get pretty stoked when I think of what we did as BOBGOBLIN. At the risk of sounding too bold, I must say that I loved our songs - I loved playing the songs just about everytime. Even for the crowds of 3 people which we often played for throughout the country. I loved making and editing videos for the band - creating the enhanced CD stuff. My suit....I love my suit. But BOBGOBLIN is, for me, a book that I felt should be ended at its climax. The rest of the band agreed.

And so on May 17, 1998 at Edgefest, in front of perhaps the largest crowd we ever faced, one that was still only somewhat enthused about being bomarded with our satirically motivated rock and attire, we gave one of our finest performances. As we screamed through the set, all of us knew what nobody else did - that that was it. A friend of mine shot video for that show, and when I saw how all of us stood at the last chord, I just thought to myself, "Goddamned Right." And that's all she rocked. It's time for a new experience.

That being said, the BOBGOBLIN website will eventually be revamped to include stories, pictures, Real Audio, and Real Video of everything BOBGOBLIN, even Real Audio of recordings that no one, except the guys in the band, has ever heard. Perhaps every now and then we will add a new song to the BOBGOBLIN collection(my only regret with BOBGOBLIN was not having written more songs) and put it on the website in Real Audio and MP3 format. If nothing else the site will serve as a great scrapbook for the guys in the band and my mother, she'll check out every page. Tony's mom will too I'm sure.

Now for the punch line. The founding members of BOBGOBLIN have started a new band called THE COMMERCIALS. Our first show is Sept. 11 at The Curtain Club in Dallas. Chomsky will also be on the bill. The COMMERCIALS first recording is halfway done, and the completion date is projected to be sometime in October. Expect samples of the new stuff to be available in the near future at We will update you when the site is opened.
Hop Litzwire, and still #17


OCTOBER 31st 2000

More to come soon.


BOBGOBLIN: official homepage
THE COMMERCIALS: the ex members' of Bobgoblin new band. Up and running, includes special links to some of their new music, and their new email in case you want to talk to the boys

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